About The Goaltender Home Page

THE PAGE: The Goaltender Home Page began in the spring of 1994 as a fan site for then-Vancouver netminder Kirk McLean, who would lead the Canucks to the Stanley Cup Final later in the year. In short order, the page became a storage area for biographies of the top National Hockey League goaltenders, and before long, I had several hundred biographies on the Page. The Page moved to its current location in September of 2003. Although I do solicit corrections and submissions, I'm still the sole curator of the site, and am responsible for all upkeep within.

The primary intention of the site (at the moment) is collect any and all interesting historical and statistical information on goaltenders today. Some might call much of it trivia, even.

Some places where I'm looking for help are in resolving the Discrepancies in my game logs.

I'm also looking for help with getting consistent European goaltending statistics. I'd love to get more here; you'll notice that this page seems to focus on North American goaltenders. That's because of language differences on league websites as well as inconsistencies with what I've seen there.

I'd love to talk goaltending history with you - and would love to collaborate on research, help with questions, or get information that you might have. Feel free to send me a note at goaliehistory@gmail.com, or find me on Twitter at @GoalieHistory.

Special thanks to HPS for help with items on this page (in addition to those mentioned on my discrepancies page).