1965-1966 Chicago Black Hawks Goaltender Game-by-Game Performance

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DATEOPPONENTDECGFGAOTGlenn HallDave DrydenDenis DeJordyRoy Edwards
10/23/1965at TorontoW40W (60:00, 21/21)
10/24/1965at BostonW62W (60:00, 35/37)
10/28/1965at DetroitW51W (60:00, 29/30)
10/30/1965at MontrealW64W (60:00, 24/28)(BU)
11/03/1965vs BostonT22T (60:00, 28/30)
11/07/1965vs TorontoW90W (60:00, 40/40)
11/10/1965vs DetroitW52W (60:00, 25/27)
11/13/1965vs MontrealL25L (60:00, 21/26)
11/14/1965vs NY RangersL24L (60:00, 27/31)
11/17/1965at NY RangersW53W (60:00, 34/37)(BU)
11/20/1965at TorontoL13L (60:00, 39/42)
11/21/1965vs TorontoL37L (60:00, 30/37)
11/23/1965at DetroitW32W (60:00, 22/24)
11/25/1965vs DetroitW31W (60:00, 38/39)
11/27/1965at NY RangersW10W (60:00, 47/47)(BU)
11/28/1965vs MontrealL12L (60:00, 22/24)
12/01/1965vs BostonW42W (60:00, 27/29)
12/04/1965at BostonW101W (40:00, 24/25)- (20:00, 16/16)
12/05/1965at NY RangersW62W (60:00, 28/30)(BU)
12/08/1965vs NY RangersT22T (60:00, 29/31)
12/11/1965at MontrealL12L (59:18, 29/31)(BU)
12/12/1965vs MontrealL35L (60:00, 27/32)
12/15/1965vs BostonW84W (40:00, 30/32)- (20:00, 7/9)
12/18/1965at DetroitL13L (60:00, 20/23)(BU)
12/19/1965vs DetroitW54W (60:00, 22/26)(BU)
12/22/1965vs NY RangersW43W (60:00, 19/22)(BU)
12/25/1965at TorontoL35L (60:00, 23/28)(BU)
12/26/1965vs TorontoT11T (60:00, 27/28)(BU)
12/29/1965at NY RangersW30W (60:00, 33/33)(BU)
12/31/1965at DetroitW41W (60:00, 28/29)
01/02/1966vs BostonW31W (60:00, 26/27)(BU)
01/05/1966at MontrealW42W (60:00, 36/38)(BU)
01/08/1966at NY RangersL46L (60:00, 31/37)(BU)
01/09/1966vs TorontoW53W (60:00, 34/37)(BU)
01/13/1966at BostonT11T (60:00, 27/28)(BU)
01/15/1966at MontrealL46L (20:00, 5/7)- (40:00, 19/23)
01/16/1966vs NY RangersL56L (59:45, 20/26)(BU)
01/20/1966at BostonL34L (60:00, 24/28)(BU)
01/22/1966at TorontoL04L (60:00, 33/37)(BU)
01/23/1966vs MontrealT33T (60:00, 28/31)(BU)
01/26/1966at MontrealW42W (60:00, 30/32)
01/27/1966at BostonL35L (51:41, 22/27)- (8:19, 6/6)
01/29/1966vs DetroitT44T (60:00, 25/29)(BU)
01/30/1966at DetroitW51(BU)W (60:00, 19/20)
02/02/1966vs NY RangersW43W (60:00, 16/19)(BU)
02/05/1966at TorontoL25L (60:00, 24/29)(BU)
02/06/1966vs TorontoW32W (60:00, 30/32)(BU)
02/09/1966vs DetroitW21W (60:00, 29/30)(BU)
02/12/1966vs MontrealT22T (60:00, 28/30)(BU)
02/13/1966vs NY RangersW61W (60:00, 37/38)(BU)
02/16/1966at NY RangersW52W (60:00, 25/27)(BU)
02/19/1966at MontrealL25L (60:00, 20/25)(BU)
02/20/1966vs BostonW51W (60:00, 35/36)(BU)
02/23/1966vs TorontoL23L (60:00, 31/34)(BU)
02/26/1966at DetroitW41W (60:00, 29/30)(BU)
02/27/1966vs BostonW71W (60:00, 19/20)(BU)
03/02/1966vs DetroitW54W (60:00, 32/36)(BU)
03/05/1966at TorontoL05L (54:33, 26/31)- (5:27, 2/2)
03/06/1966vs MontrealL01L (60:00, 34/35)(BU)
03/09/1966at NY RangersL01L (59:20, 21/22)(BU)
03/12/1966vs NY RangersW42W (60:00, 26/28)(BU)
03/13/1966vs TorontoW51W (60:00, 28/29)(BU)
03/16/1966vs DetroitW41W (60:00, 38/39)(BU)
03/19/1966at TorontoL24L (60:00, 36/40)(BU)
03/20/1966vs MontrealW42W (60:00, 39/41)(BU)
03/24/1966at BostonL13L (60:00, 22/25)
03/27/1966at DetroitT11T (60:00, 49/50)
03/29/1966vs BostonW42W (60:00, 18/20)(BU)
04/02/1966at MontrealL38L (60:00, 23/31)(BU)
04/03/1966at BostonL24(BU)L (60:00, 29/33)
04/07/1966vs DetroitW21W (60:00, 29/30)(BU)
04/10/1966vs DetroitL07L (50:48, 24/31)- (8:19, 1/1)
04/12/1966at DetroitW21W (59:52, 29/30)(BU)
04/14/1966at DetroitL15L (60:00, 27/32)
04/17/1966vs DetroitL35L (58:43, 22/27)
04/19/1966at DetroitL23L (59:57, 27/30)
DATEOPPONENTDECGFGAOTGlenn HallDave DrydenDenis DeJordyRoy Edwards

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These data reflect every 1965-1966 Chicago Black Hawks goaltender appearance that I have in my database. For more details on each goaltender, click on their name at the top - or bottom - of the table.

DEFINITIONS AND TERMS: For each game, the opponent (and location) and result are displayed. If a goaltender appeared in a game, then their statistics appear in their table column. Goaltenders who started a game are underlined in the table. Statistics shown are their game record (win, loss, tie), minutes played, saves and shots faced.

HOT AND COLD PERFORMANCES: Based upon the season, opponent, playoff environment (as applicable), and number of shots faced, I determine a baseline expected number of saves for each goaltender appearance. I then measure the goaltender's actual performance using a normal approximation to a binomial distribution (yes, this violates several statistical tenets). If a goaltender performs a standard deviation above expectation, then I color their apperance green (darker green equals +2 SD, and even darker green equals +3 SD). Conversely, if a goaltender performs a standard deviation below expectation (or worse), then I color their appearance red (or darker red).

NOTES AND CAVEATS: Game logs have been compiled using the best information that I can find, including websites, books, media guides, programs, newspaper archives, and team correspondence. For a detailed list of known concerns, please click here.

Note that I enter all of these data by hand, which can lead to some inaccuracies and imperfections. I am always looking for assistance in making these more accurate, and welcome your help. If you would like to contribute or make a correction, please send me an e-mail.

For the 1983-84 season and prior, one of my key sources was the Hockey Summary Project, a tremendous resource and one of the best data collections on the Internet. In return, I have attempted to make these data better where possible.

These data are provided as is, and no warranty is offered as to their accuracy (although I do my best).

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