Discrepancies and Differences in the Game Logs

In reconstructing the National Hockey League game logs, I have come across a few situations where my collection of resources (team media guides, internet research, contemporary accounts) is not sufficient to nail down what exactly happened in the game. There are also a few places where the official NHL record differs from what I'm experiencing in my research.

To ease individuals who would like to help improve these data (including myself), I've developed a complete and consolidated list in PDF format here:
The Goaltender Home Page - Game Log Discrepancies.

This list contains the date of the game, the two teams involved, the goaltenders involved, where my questions lie, the exact nature of the question, and what's currently in the database (related to the question).

The main thing I would like is for this list to be as small as possible. If you can help, either by confirming that how I handled things is correct, or by proving the opposite, I would really appreciate it if you contact me. You may assume that I'm familiar with the excellent Hockey Summary Project.

Things that may help me are local newspaper accounts / recaps of the games in question, media guides of the teams involved, yearbooks, et cetera. I would LOVE the help!

Special thank you to those who have already helped eliminate items from this list: Eric Hornick, Curtis Walker, Jeff Haff, Tim Beever, and quoipourquoi, reckoning, tarheelhockey and Sanf from the Hockey's Future message board.

As far as the game log data are concerned, I consider this stuff open source to the extent possible. When I have given data for a game, I'm happy to provide the source that I have for the data (or the assumption that I've made). I have fairly good records for 1982-83 and earlier (which, frankly, is when this stuff gets more interesting anyhow). Again, feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, updates to the data, or other knowledge and trivia.

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