Liam Maguire                            1175 pts
Paul Branchaud                          745 pts
John Santore [Carnegie Mellon Univ.]    735 pts
Kevin Gloin [University of Calgary]     720 pts
Corby Gilmore [Carleton University]     540 pts
Jonathan Braniff [Wilfrid Laurier U]    485 pts
Paul Coughlan [Carleton University]     475 pts
Michael Gaal [Carnegie Mellon Univ.]    380 pts
Ronald Salahub                          340 pts
Philip Unwin [University of Rochester]  310 pts


  • 04/03/95:This Cincinnati Cyclones goaltender set a record for the longest undefeated streak by a professional hockey goaltender on November 5, 1993, with his 33rd straight. Name him [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Eldon "Pokey" Reddick.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Paul Branchaud [75pts], John Santore [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Cory Vair [50pts], Dan Hackney [50pts], Josh Kessler [50pts], Scott Bennett [50pts]
  • 04/04/95:Name the two goaltenders [30pts for one, 45 points for both] who shared back-to-back Terry Sawchuk trophies in the early 1980's, and the minor league team for whom they played [5pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Kelly Hrudey, Robert Holland, Indianapolis, 1981-82, 1982-83
    CORRECT RESPONSES: John Santore [75pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Paul Branchaud [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts]
  • 04/05/95:During his career at Michigan State, this professional netminder recorded sixty-two victories against only thirteen losses, earning seven shutouts along the way, and in successive years he was named to the C.C.H.A. first and second teams. Name him [50pts].
    Bob Essensa.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Philip Unwin [75pts], Tarry Rago [50pts], Paul Branchaud [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], John Santore [50pts], Michael Gaal [50pts], Bri Farenell [50pts], Mike T.M. [50pts], Scott Swartzell [50pts], Ryan Ward [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Mark McDonald [50pts], Michael Payne [50pts], Josh Kessler [50pts], Volker Koschik [50pts]
  • 04/06/95:Name the goaltender [40pts] who was in goal when the first United States-based team captured the Stanley Cup, and his team [10pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Harry "Happy" Holmes, Seattle Metropolitains.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Paul Branchaud [75pts], Michael Gaal [10pts], Ryan Ward [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], John Santore [50pts], Dino [40pts], Tarry Rago [50pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Greg Weston [40pts], Volker Koschik [40pts], Mariette Rains [10pts]
  • 04/07/05:This goaltender, born in Bracebridge, Ontario, played for fourteen seasons in the National Hockey League, receiving the Conn Smythe Trophy, Calder Memorial Trophy, compiling a 3.04 GAA in 518 regular season games. He was also named a First-Team N.H.L. All-Star. Name him [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Roger Crozier.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Michael Gaal [75pts], John Santore [50pts], Philip Unwin [50pts], Paul Branchaud [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Josh Kessler [50pts], Scott Swartzell [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Cory Vair [50pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Jonathan Braniff [50pts], Mariette Rains [50pts], Bob Caissie [50pts], Tarry Rago [50pts], Norm Szcyrek [50pts]
  • 04/10/95:As you may know, Martin Brodeur of the New Jersey Devils recorded back-to-back shutouts on April 5 and April 9, stopping a combined 53 shots on goal in the victories over Ottawa and the Rangers. Name the first Devils goaltender to accomplish back-to-back shutouts [40pts], and the year of the event [10pts].
    Martin Brodeur, April 5, April 9, 1995.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Michael Gaal [75pts], Craig DeLucia [50pts], Rosario Devito [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Mike T.M. [45pts], Scott Swartzell [45pts], Kevin Gloin [45pts], Ric Perrott [50pts], Greg Weston [40pts], Paul Branchaud [30pts], Jonathan Braniff [20pts]
  • 04/11/95:Many of us know that it was Vancouver's Glen Hanlon who surrendered Wayne Gretzky's first N.H.L. goal. Name the goaltender [40pts] and his team [10pts] who yielded Gretzky's first major-league professional goal.
    CORRECT ANSWER: Dave Dryden, Edmonton Oilers.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Liam Maguire [75pts], Paul Branchaud [40pts]
    ATTEMPTS: John Santore 2, Philip Unwin, Tarry Rago
  • 04/12/95:Name the only Swiss-born goaltender in N.H.L. history [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Pauli Jaks.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Liam Maguire [75pts], Jonathan Braniff [50pts], John Santore [50pts], Ryan Ward [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Paul Branchaud [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Ronald Salahub [50pts]
  • 04/13/95:Name Vladislav Tretiak's backup goaltender for the Soviet Union 1972 Summit Series team [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Alexsandr Sidelnikov.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Corby Gilmore [75pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts]
  • 04/14/95:John Vanbiesbrouck of the Florida Panthers is the only goaltender in N.H.L. history whose last name contains all five vowels. Name the only goaltender in N.H.L. history whose last name contains _no_ vowels [50pts]:
    CORRECT ANSWERS: Ed Dyck, Claude Cyr, Jarmo Myllys.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Michael Gaal [75pts], John Santore [100pts], Bob Caissie [50pts], Liam Maguire [100pts], Philip Unwin [50pts], Cory Vair [100pts], Pete Hibb [50pts], Ari Katz [50pts], Corby Gilmore [75pts], Volker Koschik [50pts], Paul Kobylarz [50pts], Paul Coughlan [75pts], James Bonus [50pts], Scott Shigemi [100pts], Jonathan Braniff [100pts], Valerie Hammerl [75pts], Scott Felder [50pts], Paul Branchaud [45pts], Kevin Gloin [75pts]
  • 04/17/95:The Toronto Maple Leafs began the 1993-94 N.H.L. season with a record 10-game winning streak. Name the opposing goaltender who, in stopping 29 of 31 shots, derailed the Leafs' locomotive [50pts].
    Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadiens.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Paul Branchaud [75pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Jonathan Braniff [50pts], Michael Gaal [50pts], Scott Felder [50pts], Mike T.M. [50pts], Mark McDonald [50pts], Dino [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Ravi Ramkissoonsingh [50pts], Ronald Salahub [50pts], Ryan Ward [50pts], Kevin Hubert [50pts], Philip Unwin [50pts], MROZ [50pts], Brett Wilmotte [45pts], John Santore [30pts], Ari Katz [50pts], Rebecca Fowler [50pts]
  • 04/18/95:Name the two members of the most recent goaltending tandem to share the same last name [50pts].
    Gary Smith, Al Smith, Toronto Maple Leafs.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Jonathan Braniff [75pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Ryan Ward [50pts], Ronald Salahub [50pts], Ravi Ramkissoonsingh [50pts], John Santore [45pts], Ari Katz [50pts]
  • 04/19/95:Name the goaltender who recorded a playoff-record nine straight overtime victories, and the losing goaltender in the ninth game [50pts].
    Patrick Roy, Montreal Canadiens (who has since run the streak to eleven), who beat Kelly Hrudey of the Los Angeles Kings in game number nine.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Paul Branchaud [75pts], Jonathan Braniff [50pts], Paul Kobylarz [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Volker Koschik [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Bri Farenell [50pts], C.H. McMillan [50pts], Brett Wilmotte [50pts], Ronald Salahub [50pts], Target [50pts], Scott Swartzell [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], MROZ [50pts], Mark McDonald [50pts], Kevin Hubert [50pts], Greg Weston [50pts], Daniel Kramer [50pts], Patrick Theriault [50pts]
  • 04/20/95:In the deciding game of the 1979 Challenge Cup, name the winning goaltender (who recorded a shutout) and the losing goaltender [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Winner: Vladimir Myshkin; Loser:
    Gerry Cheevers.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Liam Maguire [75pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Paul Branchaud [50pts], Philip Unwin [50pts], Ronald Salahub [50pts], Tarro Rago [50pts], Jonathan Braniff [40pts]
    ATTEMPTS: Volker Koschik, John Santore, Ryan Ward, Corby Gilmore 2, Volker Koschik, Abigail Silverman
  • 04/21/95:Among goaltenders who have played their entire career with one N.H.L. club, name the one who has played the most games [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Turk Broda, Toronto Maple Leafs, 629 regular season games.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: John Santore [75pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Jonathan Braniff [50pts], Cory Vair [50pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Pete Hibb [50pts], Philip Unwin [35pts]

    ATTEMPTS: Paul Branchaud, Philip Unwin 3, Michael Gaal, Abigail Silverman, Jonathan Swenson, Scott Swartzell, Roger Katz, James Bonus, Richard LeFrancois, Mark McDonald
  • 04/24/95:With the influx of European sharpshooters, the save percentages of W.H.A. goaltenders steadily declined during the latter half of the 1970s. Name the sole goaltender who was able to record a save percentage greater than 90% in any of the final three W.H.A. seasons [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: (Yes, there were three) Richard Brodeur, Quebec Nordiques, 1978-79; Cap Raeder, New England Whalers, 1977-78; Ron Grahame, Houston Aeros, 1977-78.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Volker Koschik [75pts], Ravi Ramkissoonsingh [50pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Corby Gilmore [40pts]
    ATTEMPTS: Paul Branchaud 2, Liam Maguire, Ryan Ward, Kevin Gloin, Philip Unwin, Mike Czaplicki
  • 04/25/95:Name the World Hockey Association goaltender who, among "regular" goaltenders, recorded the highest career save percentage over the course of the league's history [50pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Gerry Cheevers, Cleveland, 90.5%.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Liam Maguire [75pts], Scott Swartzell [40pts], Ari Katz [45pts]

  • 04/26/95:Name the only goaltender [40pts] to make the move from the NHL to the WHA, the WHA to the NHL, the NHL to the WHA, and the WHA back to the NHL over the course of his career, and the four professional teams involved [10pts].
    CORRECT ANSWER: Al Smith, Detroit Red Wings, New England Whalers (WHA), Buffalo Sabres, New England Whalers (WHA), Hartford Whalers.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: John Santore [60pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Ronald Salahub [40pts]
    ATTEMPTS: Ravi, Ari Katz, Brett Wilmotte, Scott Swartzell, Philip Unwin 2
  • 04/27/95:Name the goaltender who holds the N.H.L. single-season postseason record for most minutes played by a goaltender [50pts].
    Kirk McLean, Vancouver Canucks, 1,544 minutes, 1993-94 playoffs.
    CORRECT RESPONSES: Liam Maguire [75pts], Paul Kobylarz [50pts], Daniel Miles [50pts], John Santore [50pts], Kevin Gloin [50pts], Peter Giffin [45pts], Ari Katz [45pts], Scott Shigemi [45pts], CompuServe Person [50pts], Ric Browde [50pts]
  • 04/28/95:Name the current N.H.L. goaltender who, over the course of his career, has been traded for both Kelly Hrudey and Ron Hextall [50pts].

    CORRECT ANSWER: Mark Fitzpatrick (traded from Los Angeles to the Islanders for Hrudey, traded from the Islanders to Quebec for Hextall.

    CORRECT RESPONSES: Paul Branchaud [75pts], Liam Maguire [50pts], Norm Szcyrek [50pts], Ari Katz [50pts], Lee Johnston [50pts], John Santore [50pts], Paul Kobylarz [50pts], Brett Wilmotte [50pts], Scott Swartzell [45pts], Scott Shigemi [50pts], Rick Gevers [50pts], Ronald Salahub [50pts], Corby Gilmore [50pts], Mike T.M. [45pts], James Bonus [50pts], Michael Gaal [45pts], Paul Coughlan [50pts], Pete Hibb [50pts], Cory Vair [50pts], Albert Ohayon [50pts], Jeffrey Darrow [50pts], Tom Pitts [50pts]