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The Goaltender Home Page began in the spring of 1994 as a fan site for Vancouver goaltender Kirk McLean. The main goal of the website is to collect any and all interesting historical and statistical information on goaltenders today, and to advance the discourse related to the study of goaltenders and goaltending.

Recent Articles

October 19, 2019


A new addition to the website - 20+ years of NHL backups (and a smattering of AHL and international backups). And more to come!

December 11

Consistently Good

The last twenty times Devan Dubnyk has taken the net for the Minnesota Wild, he's performed as expected (or better), without a bad game in the bunch. How does this compare to other streaks in league history?

December 2

We're Going Streaking!

Peter Budaj has appeared in 22 consecutive games for the Los Angeles Kings this year (and counting). How many more games does Budaj need to play before the streak becomes notable?

Site Update

What Took So Long?

Historically, I've done all of my own HTML coding (and it shows). In 1994, when I started this, HTML was pretty easy to figure out (even without the existence of Google. Surprisingly, it's been hard to keep up with this as a hobby (especially when my favorite part of the hobby is developing content).

Here's a brief history of the site, how it got to where it is today, and what will come next.